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                          The education of clients is an important part of what our salon is about. We attempt to educate you in how to best take care of your hair at home, and between visits to our salon. On the following pages you will find useful information on various topics. I hope you take the time to read them as they can only teach you to help yourself . Please scroll down to find articles of interest.


                          TRY OUR PIPE-LESS SPA PEDICURE CHAIRS

                    ...does not allow fungus...


           What makes us different from most nail salons or spas is that we have spared no expense

in the equipment or the products we use. Pipes have a tendency to keep bacteria alive through the wetness in the pipes, and can get translated into fungus on our toes. Our pedicure chairs are pipe-less, which helps to eliminate the risk of bacteria coming through. Along with a vigorous cleaning method our spa chairs are virtually fungus free. Come see for yourself...

We also use Gel Polish, a 2-3 week lasting manicure application. You can match your gel polish with your pedicure.


Pravana Beach Wave: a soft wave look: want to look like the movie stars? This wave will do that and more. A very soft wave that will last 3-5 months.  [see services]



Restores every strand and targets damge from the inside  out to bring dull overprocessed hair
back to life. The advanced technology replenishes depleted hair proteins to restore softness and shine,while it works to straighten and nourish even the most coarse or resistant hair. Hair stays 
smooth silky and healthy looking for up to 12 weeks.The company claims this product will  take
70% of curl out especially on african american hair and all the frizz without the use of relaxers.

Uses the natural  Agave plant to straighten and smooth. Removes 100% frizz and volume, reduces
curl retention by 80%. No formaldehyde. Lasts about 3-4 months.

            EXPRESS BLOW-OUT
A one hour service that reduces frizz and smoothes the hair leaving body.Will last up
to 12 weeks.

A one hour treatment ALL-IN-ONE solution for your hair..
TREATMENT, still leaves body in the hair



Introducing PETER COPPOLA, new formaldeyde and aldehyde free, "KERATIN SMOOTHING TREATMENT"

Includes a proprietary formula that combines ceramides, which provide anti-aging benefits, with the hair smoothing properties of keratin. For more info go to
The Keratin treatment that transforms Curly, Unmanageable, Damaged Hair, into Extremely Healthy, Smooth, Shiny, Soft, Straight & Frizz-Free Hair.
Keratin is the main building protein in  our hair. 4 Ever Smooth Brazilian Keratin Treatment is  based on a uniquely structured Keratin protein rich in amino acid Cystine.
This Keratin's extreme toughness, strength and  durability,protects and improves the hair quality, from the inside out.
This treatment is different in that the hair can be washed after 4 hours not the usual 3 days with other treatments.






     Keratin treatment is a way to bring keratin back into the hair. Keratin is found in the cuticle of the hair. Hair can be abused in many ways,IE. color, perms, air pollutants, and every day washing. These are some of the ways that keratin is stripped from the hair. Keratin treatments can be applied after color or perms. The treatment seals in the color and brings the shine and softness back into the hair. Even if one has virgin hair chances are the hair has been abused by washing or ironing it. This treatment acts much like the keratin found naturally in healthy hair. It brings the keratin back into the cuticle of hair ,which results in amazing frizz free shine and subtle hair. This is a treatment ,not a straightener, although it results in straight hair. It can last up to 3-5 months depending on how often the hair is washed. We can also use this treatment on only the bang area if that is a problem area. If a more permanent straight result is wanted Keratin Treatment can be put on the hair 2 weeks after a permanent straightening. . For those that want to keep the rest of the hair curly, but frustrated with curly bangs,which in Florida is easy, this is a healthy way to keep them straight. Blow drying is not necessary nor is an iron. Imagine waking up with straight bangs, or washing the hair ,to still have them straight. This is true for the whole head, and it will keep the hair perfectly straight for the time it is in the hair.Prices start at $50.00 for bangs or full heads starting at 150.00 depending on the length or thickness of hair. See our pricing chart....

      We advocate Keratin System. This system has no formaldehyde in the formula and no smell while applying on the hair. After using many other formulas this seems to be the superior one, although more costly formula.We cannot use an inferior product for the sake of cost.

       We have been getting many women of color in our salon and we are thrilled to offer this to them. It is a safe and far superior product  and alternative to perming and straightening. Most black women have been using a perm, or straightener, as we call it,with lye in it. Most lye products break and damage hair, as seen on hairlines moving further back on ones head. This product can be put directly over straighteners and color, or with a permanent (non-lye straightener) we will achieve the same result with no breakage,and it truly is good for the hair. It puts keratin back in the hair as a treatment but the great side affect is it can straighten the hair. It can last up to 3-5 months, depending on how often the hair is washed. On very curly or nappy hair the result would leave the hair frizz free and loosens the curl. Please call for a free consultation or walk-ins are always welcome. We also reccommend Hair Botox which uses glycolic
acid to straighten and smooth about 70% of curl and 100% frizz. 4 Ever Smooth can also be
used for our extremely curly or nappy hair with great results


       If straightening is your only goal then you should consider using one of many straightening products we carry, such as Rusk straightening, Paul Mitchell straightening,Bio-Ionic straightening, or Matrix straightening. Consult with your stylist as to what is best for your type of hair and your lifestyle.


                     KERATIN COMPLEX

 Q] Which one would I use? What are the differences?

  A] 4 Ever Smooth Treatment would be used if you want to to take alot of the curl out of your hair. This is a stronger treatment that comes in 2 strengths. The formula would be picked by you and the stylist depending on your hair.Best for the curliest of hair

   Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment is a non formaldehyde keratin treatment that will take  all the frizz out of hair and can make it straighter but will leave body in the hair. It would not be recommended if you want to keep hair wavy,however, if you want to make wavy hair straight and shiny this would be the treatment for you. Lasts anywhere between 3-4 months If the hair is curly it will take frizz out and reduce the curl and ironing time.

     Keratin Complex  Will make hair shiny and healthy looking Lasts about 3-6 months. If hair is wavy or straight and you want it frizz free or curly, and want the curl straighter with body in it this treatment would be great for you.Works better on curlier hair.

     All the treatments will keep color lasting longer and it is  recommended that color be applied first and the treatment after,at the same time, as it will seal in the color.    


BB CREME TREATMENT...$99.00 [average head]
EXPRESS BLOW-OUT......$99.00 [average head]

Bangs- $50.00
Half a very short head-  $150.00
Up to top of shoulder- $175.00- $200.00
Shoulder to shoulder blade-  $225.00
Middle back-   $250.00
Longer   $250.00 up
[all prices are based on 2 ozs. add $25.00 for each addional oz.]    



           Deva--With the support  of thousands of enthusiastic CURLY Hair salon clients , Lorraine Massey, author of Curly Girl (the definitive curly hair handbook) and a talented team of hairdressers, developed a complete collection of Deva products for a healthy curly hair lifestyle.

           Deva removed the harsh dehydrating  detergents that create lather- which is purely aesthetic and does not clean the hair- and infused a high concentration of 100% sulfate free, paraben free cleansing and moisturizing botanicals that rejuvenate, restore and respect your curls natural order

            With Deva, curly hair is not a trend.......its a Lifestyle!!!!!!!!!



             Curlove tips for you and your friends

1) Don't shampoo your curls....with harsh dehdrating detergents. Use DevaCurl No-Poo, a botanically infused, sulfate free gentle nourshing cleanser with conditioning benefits.

2) Eliminate frizz forever...... Moisturize with DevaCurl One Condition as often as possible. Use DevaCurl AnGEL Styling Gel and Set It Free Moisturize Lock Spray to hydrate and define your precious curls.

3) Put down your weapons of mass curl destruction........ Air dry your delicate curls or use Deva's unique 360 degree air flow diffuser and give your curls a hand....

For more advice and information about DevaCurls complete collection of products specifically developed for a healthy, frizz  free, easy to manage curly hair lifestyle, consult our stylist and visit (Top, left  hand corner press PRODUCTS)

            To learn how to use these products and which ones to use please stop by and visit with one of our CurlyGirl stylists. We are certified in DevaCurl Haircuts.


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